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Frequently Asked Questions


·         Where can I find your products?

You can find our products in supermarkets, pharmacies, herbal shops, or on e-commerce sites.

·         Are the content of your products completely natural?

In accordance with the Natural and Organic Cosmetic Ingredient and Product Claims Guide Version-1 published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, the contents of all of our products are natural.

        ·         How long should your products be used at least to see the effects?

The skin's self-renewal period is 28 days. Accordingly, no matter which cosmetic product is used, the period to see the best effect of the product is at least one month. The product should be used regularly in order to see the best result.

·         Are there any side effects to using your products during pregnancy?

Since harmful substances such as vitamin A, that may cause birth anomalies during pregnancy are not used, it does not have any side effects. It can be used safely.

·         Does Bıttım soap delay hair whitening?

Serious articles have been published about Bıttım soap that prevents hair whitening, but it is not possible for us to make such a claim because it is not generally accepted.

·         What is the amount of ozone used in ozone oil?

Ozone oil, a natural antioxidant, is the state of pure olive oil saturated with oxygen. Ozone is the three-atom (O3) state of the Oxygen (O2) molecule that is necessary for us at every moment of our lives to survive, and it is taken into the body with oxygen. Just as the oxygen, which is our source of life, cannot be measured, it is not possible to measure the amount of ozone either.

·         Are animal experiments done on your products?

There is no animal experiment. According to the cosmetics regulation published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, it is forbidden to make animal experiments on finished products.

·         Do your products contain perfume and what are the harms of it?

 There are herbal essences in our products. Herbal essences are of two types. Although all of them are herbal, there are essences containing allergens and essences that do not contain allergens (non-allergen). Our products contain non-allergen herbal essences.

·         Does almond oil that is in the stain soap content cause hair growth in the face area?

Since almond oil nourishes the skin and hair follicles in general, it can cause hair growth, but since the main function of soap is cleaning, almond oil in the soap content cannot reach the dermis layer, which is the innermost layer of the skin. For this reason, it nourishes the skin but not the hair follicles. If almond oil is used in cream, it reaches the dermis layer and may cause hair growth, but if used in soap, it does not cause hair growth.

·         Do your products contain caustic?

It is not possible to produce soap without using caustic. However, there is no caustic in our finished products. Conventional soaps known hitherto are formed by the reaction of one molecule of oil and three molecules of caustic, and since this reaction is often not fully realized, caustic can also be found in finished products. Our products are soaps formed as a result of the complete reaction of caustic and fatty acids instead of oil that provides saponification. In other words, fatty acids and caustic become completely different and become soap. For this reason, there is absolutely no caustic in our finished products.

·         Is Phenoxyethanol that is in the content of your products harmful?

As its name suggests, Phenoxyethenol is a valuable compound from the phenol group. Phenol groups are valuable compounds, which are found especially in fruits and vegetables and also used as active ingredients in many drugs. The main purpose of Phenoxyethenol, which is also used in our products, is to prevent microbiological reproduction of products and to prevent mold growth.

·         Do your products contain Titanium Dioxide?

Our products do not contain Titanium Dioxide. There is no notification by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency stating that Titanium Dioxide is harmful or prohibited. It is still a matter of debate by the European Cosmetic Association (Colipa) whether Titanium Dioxide is harmful or not. Investigations are ongoing. However, as Agarta Herbal Cosmetics, we do not use Titanium Dioxide in our products in case it may be harmful.

·         Do your products contain alcohol?

Alcohol is a very broad concept. There are many alcohol components that we eat, drink and use as medicine. However, there are two types of alcohol that are known to be harmful and come to mind when alcohol is mentioned. These are ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol or methyl alcohol are not included in any of our products.

·         Is Peg400 that is in the content of your products harmful?

Whether a substance will be harmful or not in cosmetic products shall be first examined in a literature search. Later, in the calculations in the product safety evaluation made by Certified Specialists, it is calculated whether individual product components will be harmful in both instant use and long term use. Accordingly, none of our products are harmful in literature reviews and product safety calculations. It does not cause immediate or long-term discomfort.

·        Do your products cause allergies?

Dermatological tests have been carried out on all our products by expert dermatologists on volunteers consisting of men and women, and various age groups. As a result, no dermatological disorders or allergies were encountered. However, it is very important for the person to know himself/herself well and to be aware of what he/she is allergic to.

         For example; although the AloeVera plant has undergone serious screening, tested, and pages of articles about its benefits have been published, it can cause allergies to anyone. This does not mean that the plant is harmful and will cause allergies to everyone.

·         What is the expiration date of your products and how long can they be used after opening?

Our products are applied to various stability tests regarding the expiration date, until they take their place on the shelves. According to the cosmetics regulation, the shelf life of the products that do not spoil up to 30 months as a result of the stability tests carried out is 3 years or more. We have test results showing that the shelf life of our products is 3 years or more. They should be consumed within 12 months after opening.


·         How can I become a member of Agarta Herbal Cosmetics?

After clicking the register link on our website, you can complete your membership register by filling in the necessary information.

·         Do I have to be a member to place an order?

You don't have to be a member, however, it is necessary to become a member in order to place your orders more easily, to follow your order or to make cancellations and returns processes much faster.

·         I forgot my password / I want to change my password. What should I do?

If you have previously subscribed to our site but do not remember your password, after entering your e-mail address that you used to create your membership in the relevant field on the member login page, you can have the system send you an e-mail to set your new password by clicking on click the "Forgot My Password" button. You can also update your password by entering your old and new passwords by clicking the "Change Password" tab on the "My Account" page.


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